Real Estate: The Romanians had over 282,000 real estate tradings in Q1, dropping by 38%

The number of real estate tradings registered  in Romania got to 282,810 sales in the first six months of this year, dropping by 37.9% against the same period of 2016,  the decline being explained by the fact that, starting with this year, only tradings of sale-purchase type are taken into consideration, show the data sent on Monday by the National Agency of Cadastre and real estate  advertisement (ANCPI), according to

In Q1 of 2016 the number of real estate tradings  in Romania was 456,070.

The application which manages the integrated system of cadastre and  land registry was improved at the end of 2016. Thus, at present, the reports generated by the IT app are presented in detail – for example until 2016, the number of tradings covered any change of the ownership right: sale, donation, forced execution, etc, while starting with 2017, the definition of trading was kept for the operations of interest meaning sale-purchase’ the ANCPI press release says.

The most numerous sales of buildings were recorded in the first six months of 2017 in Bucuresti (33,373), Cluj (19.072) and Ilfov (15.732).

The counties with the least numerous sales of buildings sold during the same period are in Sălaj (1.869), Gorj (2.142) and Caraș-Severin (2.056).

In June, most buildings were sold in Bucuresti (6,700).

The number of  mortgage was 112,226 in Q1, the most being recorded in București (22.363), Ilfov (7.676) and Cluj (7.219).

The counties where most agricultural lands were sold in the first six months of this year are Timiș (4.283), Dolj (3.605) and Arad (3.237).



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