Alba Iulia could become Romania’s first smart city

The development of Alba Iulia under the smart city principles could yield total benefits of EUR 532 million over the course of 35 years, according to a new study by German engineering group Siemens, quoted by

The company assessed the direct and indirect benefits of investments in smart cities for Alba-Iulia, Aberdeen and London (UK), Bruxelles (Belgium) and Kartal neighborhood (Turkey). Siemens worked on the report in partnership with ARUP.

“At this moment, there are close to 300 smart lighting systems. It’s an exercise to see that we can do things differently, and of course things will move forward,” said the mayor of Alba Iulia, Mircea Hava.

George Costache, CEO of Siemens Romania, explained that the digitalization will certainly change the urban infrastructure.

“The fourth industrial revolution will integrate the digital innovation for cities. When it comes to urban infrastructure, cities have to be interested in mobility, energy and smart buildings. The digitalization allows the predictable maintenance”, said Costache.


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