Firm managing Cluj’s industrial parks opens digital incubator

Tetarom, the company that manages the industrial parks in the Cluj county, owned by Cluj County Council, opened the first digital incubator in Romania, says

The incubator is being designed to help companies develop prototypes that can then reach the IT market and beyond.

The digital incubator currently occupies an area of 1,000 sqm in the A1 building of Tetarom park, on three levels, reports The manufacturing lab, called the Fab Lab, operates in the same area. It is fitted with equipment worth EUR 500,000, which helps incubated companies develop the prototypes of the products they want to launch.

The four teams incubated following the hackathon last year at TechFest have been working here since March. These include Braintronix, a team of Romanians who lived in France and returned to the country just to be incubated in the science and technology park. They have already entered the production specialized in the delivery of robots programmed with artificial intelligence.

Telios develops a general telemedicine project originally implemented in the US, which managed to reduce the incidence of emergency calls in California by 90%. The Pony Car Sharing team produced and installed on their cars a black box that collects all traffic data within an IoT (Internet of things) project. Neurologist Bogdan Florea, who discovered brain activity on a brain believed to be dead, wants to make the prototype of an EEG device in the digital incubator to read this sixth state.



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