Four days of Techsylvania in Cluj

Techsylvania reached its fourth edition and it is taken place between June 17-20 in Cluj- Napoca, Romania. The leading technology event in Eastern Europe is gathering once again the tech enthusiasts and business people of the area. In the first two days of Techsylvania 2017, hosted in the heart of Transylvania, tech enthusiasts will be able to participate at the Hackaton, which is basically a programming marathon in the form of a contest. Participants will have the chance to prove their hacking and programming knowledge in a fierce competition that will focus on chatbots. Contestants will have to develop apps for certain gadgets offered by the event’s partners, says

There will also be a competition for startup businesses, called the Startup Avalanche. Competitors will get the chance to present their businesses to potential investors. Even those who won’t win the competition will be able to benefit from this event, as they can make their businesses known in the IT world. The winner startup will get an amazing reward. They will go to Silicon Valley, where they will meet with great entrepreneurs and investors who can help them set the right direction for their businesses. In order to convince the jury they deserve the grand prize, startups will have four minutes to talk about their product, and 2 minutes to present a live demo.


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