TIFF 2017: Dolphins Go East review: Dir. Gonzalo Delgado, Verónica Perrota

From Uruguay comes this comedy from directors Gonzalo Delgado and Verónica Perrota. Dolphins Go East plays in-competition at this year’s Romania based Transilvania International Film Festival with the duo hoping to build on their Delgado’s previous success as a writer at the festival with Whisky, which took the Transilvania Trophy back in 2004, says Peter Heath for TheHollywoodNews.com.

At the start of the film we meet Virginia (played by the co-director Perrotta), a thirty-something teacher seen rounding up her young primary school pupils late on a Friday afternoon. It becomes apparent that Virginia also has plans for the weekend and relays to her peers that she’s to head to the coast to visit her father Miguel Ángel García Mazziotti (Jorge Denevi), a well known gay showbiz figure who lives in a huge house on the beach. Veronica is seen chatting about his huge abode to her workmates, but after arriving at the coastal property in the idyllic Punta del Este, soon learns that he doesn’t live there any more. The owners of the luxurious pad redirect Virginia to the downtown are of the city where she eventually finds her father being accompanied home drunk to a very small apartment by a young ‘man of the night’. With a ominous gift in her possession, the young woman knocks on the door, only to be greeted by the young male prostitute.

Virginia is greeted into her father’s home to a mess of a living room, alcohol and rubbished littered everywhere, and hardcore pornography playing on loop on the television. He father has fallen asleep, clearly comatose from the amount of alcohol consumed, and the young rent boy wants paying – something she immediately addresses by raiding her father’s wallet.

The following morning, Miguel finally awakes to find his daughter in his apartment, which is now completely clean and free of them mess left from the previous evening’s entertainment. Miguel is clearly perturbed by his daughter’s presence and immediately wants her gone – only Virginia has some news of her own for her father – she is expecting his first grandchild. Only after learning this news does Miguel agree to let Virginia spend the weekend with him and what follows is a journey into two lost soles to becoming reacquainted with one, and indeed themselves once again.



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