Honorary Consulate of Mexico opened in Cluj

mexicJose Arturo Trejo, the ambassador of Mexico in Romania, inaugurated the honorary consulate of Mexico in Cluj Napoca on last Wednesday. He declared, at the inauguration ceremony, that it would contribute to closer relations between Mexico and Romania and pointed out the cultural and economic potential of Cluj, especially in the IT field, according to ActMedia.eu.

Vlad Danciu, Mexico’s honorary consul in Cluj, declared that he intends to make Mexican culture known in  Transylvania and to contribute to establishing relations between Cluj and Mexican universities.

“I don’t think it is by chance that Cluj was selected for a honorary consulate of Mexico, because it is a strong academic,economic centre and there are many opportunities which can be turned to account by the two states. First of all, I want to establish relations between Cluj universities and those in  Mexico and to support the Mexican community. I had the pleasure to know many of them, including the well known Mexican tenor Hector Lopez from the Romanian Opera. On the other hand, we want to promote Mexican culture. Mexico has much to offer – tourism, gastronomy, history. When you know Mexican culture you can also do business in that country. I think it is very important to know culture to be able to do business with Mexican people. Through exhibitions, events, we try to promote culture and later on to have business opportunities,” Danciu said.

The Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Cluj Napoca is a consular centre for the counties of Cluj, Sibiu, Bihor, Satu Mare, Maramures, Salaj, Mures, Bistrita Nasaud and Alba.



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