TIFF sets a new record: over 3,000 attendees at the opening

tiffAt the grand opening of the 16th edition of TIFF, Cluj Napoca’s Unirii Square hosted over 3,200 attendees for King of the Belgians, with the biggest screen of the entire festival’s history, a giant of 23×14 m. For this edition, over 1,300 guests will arrive, which is another record for the well-known film festival, says Business-Review.eu.

Also, the competition of the 16th edition of the TIFF features directors on their first or second film and this year maps a veritable conflict zone: stories on the edge of a knife inspired by real events or personal experiences, challenging situations and daring approaches, moral fables that are either extreme or nuanced beyond clarity, all taken on by emerging directors taking the kinds of risks that will surely bring them recognition. Of the 12 titles competing for the Transilvania Trophy, 8 are feature debuts.


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