Digitalization rate of Romanian companies goes up, according to Vodafone Ready Business Score platform

vodafoneMore Romanian companies are adopting digital tools, according to the updated results of the Vodafone Ready Business Score platform, which was launched last autumn.

The average digitalization rate of companies has gone up from 36 percent in October 2016 to 44 percent as of March 2017, according to a study carried out on 4,500 companies that submitted a form on the platform, says

“Now we are taking the next step by launching the industry score, which will allow companies to adapt faster to the new trends and to stay competitive,” said Daniel Bobu, enterprise marketing director at Vodafone Romania.

Out of the total companies that provided answers on Vodafone’s platform, 62 percent have less than 10 employees. The average score for digitalization stood at 42 percent in the case of firms with less than 10 employees, while this figure climbed above 50 percent for companies that have more than 50 employees.


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