Minister for Business Environment Alexandru Petrescu meets US Ambassador Klemm


Minister for the Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Alexandru Petrescu met with US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm on Tuesday, according to

The talks focused on concrete actions to supplement communication channels starting from a central, federal level towards all US states, so that, within a very short time, the share of investments of the United States of America to Romania can be a much more substantial one”, Minister Petrescu said.

The agenda of the meeting also included talks on the priorities of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States of America, as well as the interest of Romania to become a full fledged member of the OECD, the support of the American partners being decisive in achieving this goal.

The US diplomat reiterated the importance of dialogue with the business environment and the more intense promotion of the Romanian investment offer on the American market.

“Investments and trade balance levels can also be increased by concluding partnerships between InvestRomania and existing export promotion agencies across the US, with an impact on expanding the business in the two countries. For this purpose, a common roadmap will be drafted as well as a schedule of events that can lead to reaching this objective”, Petrescu said.


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