German companies and AHK Romania launch dual education project

germaniaThe Romanian-German Trade Chamber (AHK Romania), together with three retailers with German capital present in Romania, have launched an initiative called “Scoala de carte si meserii” in the dual education system focusing on the retail sector. It will be rolled out in Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Buftea and Bucharest. In each of these cities, the companies will form a class – 120 pupils will be enrolled in this project in total, according to

A graduate of eighth grade can choose to enroll in the merchant-seller field in the school year 2017-2018 for three years. In the first year they will have an internship in one of the partner companies, a company that they can choose, for 5 weeks, in the second year for approximately 2 days per week and in the third week they will have a 3-day internship per week and 2 days in school.

Before enrolling to this school, the pupil will go through a selection process of the partner companies. The companies will commit to the training of the pupils and will attend the final examination and certification stages. After graduation, they can be hired by the companies where they had internship and continue to develop their career in commerce, so that after graduation they can take the Baccalureate exam and even enroll in a faculty.



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