Employers in Romania to pay more taxes for part-time workers this year

viorel stefan

The minister of finance, Viorel Stefan, says the government is working on changes to the legislation that would force companies that employ people on 2 or 4 hour contracts to pay more for their healthcare and pension contributions, according to Business-Review.eu.

Stefan told HotNews.ro that this measure would be enforced only this year only for employees in the case of which the part-time work contract is their only source of income.

“To make the employer so that no matter to whom it signs the contract with, to pay for the employee the pensions and healthcare contributions, which are computed based on the minimum wage. This will apply only for part-time contracts that are the only source of income. (…) The employers will pay the quota based on the minimum wage. The measure will work only this year,” said the minister.


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