Roman Catholic Cathedral in Romania, restored with EUR 5 mln from the EU

Timisoara_CathedralThe Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timisoara, Western Romania, will be restored with EU funds, says

The contract has a total value of more than RON 21.7 million (EUR 4.7 million), the EU funding covering 98% of the amount, according to a statement from the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and EU Funds.

“With the contract signed today, we want to give the Roman Catholic Cathedral back to the residents of Timisoara, and to integrate it into the national and international touristic circuit,” said regional development minister Sevil Shhaideh.

The rehabilitation work will last 51 months – more than four years -, and will mainly consist of renovating, preserving, and rehabilitating the cathedral building and the related objectives, as well as the crypt and the funeral stones of the personalities who are buried there.

The Ministry estimates that the number of visitors will increase after restoration, from 19.800 tourists per year before the implementation of this project to 20,988 after the work is completed.


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