Average wage in Romania’s public administration exceeds EUR 1,120

Primaria de sus_600The gross average wages of employees in the local public administration reached EUR 1,121 per month after the salary increases in February, according to Romania-Insider.com.

The level is higher compared to the salaries of public employees in Hungary and Poland, and is similar to the ones in the Czech Republic.

Moreover, the level is almost double compared to the salaries in the private sector, according to an analysis presented by the Fiscal Council president Ionut Dumitru. The gross average wage in the private sector reached EUR 652.

The salaries in the education and healthcare sector are also higher compared to those in the private sector, according to Dumitru. They reached EUR 714 in the education sector and they will amount to EUR 822 in healthcare.

In Hungary, the gross average wage in the public administration reaches EUR 1,005. In Poland, it amounts to EUR 1,009.



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