Cluj-Napoca becomes first city in Romania to issue urbanism certificates online

cluj-napocaThe Cluj-Napoca city hall has started issuing town planning documents in an electronic format, becoming the first local public administration in Romania that does this, according to

The documents that the Cluj-Napoca city hall issues in an electronic format, through the edirect.e-guvernare.roplatform, are: urbanism certificates and requests for their extension, extension certificates for building permits, and various approvals and consent certificates related to green areas, traffic safety, and sanitation. Through the same platform, the Cluj-Napoca residents can also communicate when they start construction work.

The Cluj-Napoca city hall also allows the online payment of local taxes, and the filling of several requests, such as ones for a parking lot. Marriages can also be scheduled online in the city, while parking places and public transport can be paid via text message SMS.

The city’s and the region’s economy have developed significantly in recent years, and Cluj-Napoca has attracted many multinational companies to its grounds. Cluj-Napoca has a vibrant start-up scene, with many IT companies present there.



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