Energy Association: Romania’s gas market, not ready for liberalization

gaze_naturale_1Authorities need to take the best measures to avoid major distortions in the gas market, due to a precipitated liberalization that hasn’t been properly prepared, according to representatives of the Energy Utilities Companies Association (ACUE), quoted by

The association “fully supports the liberalization of the natural gas market in Romania”, but under the “existence of the necessary elements guaranteeing its operation in a transparent way,” reports local Agerpres.

However, the local gas market does not yet meet the necessary conditions for completing this stage. Starting the liberalization process without prior preparation will lead to negative effects in the market, according to ACUE.

The gas market liberalization should start on April 1 when the state will no longer set the domestic gas price sold to household consumers. ACUE representatives claim that this will determine an increase in the final price for household consumers and for the producers of thermal energy.





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