Airbus Helicopters: Ghimbav plant needs contract with the Romanian state

elicopter ghimbavFrench group Airbus Helicopters will produce the first helicopter at the new plant in Ghimbav, in Brasov county, which was inaugurated last year, at the end of 2018 the earliest, says

This will happen only if Airbus Helicopters gets a number of orders required to launch the production. The French group is particularly interested in a contract for replacing the Romanian Army’s Puma military helicopters fleet, according to group representatives, reports local

A high official of Airbus Helicopters has scheduled a meeting with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu. The U.S. group Bell Helicopter has also recently had meetings with Romanian officials to discuss a potential contract.

The new factory of Airbus Helicopters in Ghimbav has a maximum capacity of 15 helicopters per year. “It doesn’t seem much, but actually it is. 15 helicopters (per year) is a lot. If you consider the next 30 years, because the investment is for 30 years, there are 450 helicopters,” said Olivier Michalon, senior deputy president for Airbus Helicopters.


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