Tourism: Havana and Dubai in top 5 of Romanians’ favourites for Christmas

Foto tomada desde un edificio de Nuevo Vedado, se ve la silueta de la Plaza de la revolución, la cúpula del Capitolio Nacional y otros importantes edificios de la Habana.

Romanians who will spend Christmas abroad have chosen both European cities and exotic locations. Barcelona is their favourite city, while Havana and Dubai are in Top 5 favourite locations where Romanians want to spend their winter holidays, according to a study made by an online travel agency, quoted by

Romanians who will travel abroad for winter holidays have planned vacations up to 17 days. For Christmas travels Romanians started planning months ago, making reservations 109 days in advance, on the average, with a record of 237 days for a trip to Dubai in this time of the year.

Romanians spend an average of 310.62 euros for their flights, the highest amount being for a flight to Havana for which they paid 1,315.16 euros. The cheapest trip lasting 13 days was 57.35 euros for Brussels.

Romanian tourists booked their winter trips using desktops (80%), 13.3% of total bookings were made on mobile phones and 6.7% for IOS application.

People who come to Romania for Christmas with their families, have planned average holidays of 10 days. Visitors from all over Europe are expected to come to Romania, according to the analysis. Main bookings came from Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Prague and Frankfurt, but also from Tel Aviv. Travellers are 37 years old, on the average and come to Bucharest or Cluj Napoca airports. They booked their trips on desktops (88.9%) and mobile devices(11.1%).

Visitors who come to Romania on Christmas booked their trips 77 days in advance, planning to spend an average of ten days in Romania. The longest vacations of 16 days are those of people who come to Bucharest from Tel Aviv, while the shortest last 6 days and are made by tourists who come from Prague to Bucharest.

The average amount spent by people who travel to Romania is 245.18 euros, while the highest is 446.84 euros, spent for a return flight from Amsterdam to Bucharest, while the cheapest ticket reservation was for a return flight from Istanbul to Cluj-Napoca.



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