Rooms available at Romania’s Ice Hotel only after January 3

ice-hotelThe Hotel of Ice at Balea Lake, the only ice hotel in Romania, is already booked for the winter holidays, with rooms being available only after January 3, announced

The Ice Hotel will be inaugurated on December 23 this year, two days before Christmas, with Romanian, English, and German tourists being expected to spend their winter holidays in this special place, according to hotel spokesperson Lidia Badila, quoted by local Agerpres.

Those who want to spend a night in one of the hotel’s double rooms have to pay RON 450 (some EUR 100), according to hotel representatives.

This year, the central theme of the Ice Hotel is Cinema Ice, which means that the ice sculptures located in the hotel’s rooms are inspired from movies. For example, the guests can sleep in rooms inspired from Star Wars, The Hobbit, Ice Age, The Passion Of The Christ, Rocky III, King Kong, Titanic, Harry Potter, and Dracula.

The igloos will also be opened in January 2017, with the offer including three types of igloos, namely Smurf Igloo, Jungle by Ice, and Jurassic Park Igloo.

“Those who come here want to have something to do. So, next to the Hotel of Ice, we have the Winter Park, with sledges, skis, and snowboards, and we offer them the opportunity to try tubing or rafting,” Lidia Badila said.



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