Competitive Romania strategy requires EUR 18 bln for implementation

romania-competitivaThe government’s strategy Competitive Romania, which maps the sustainable development of the country in the 2016-2020 period, needs a budget of EUR 18 billion to be fully implemented, accounting roughly for 10.7 percent of this year’s GDP, according to

According to the final version of the strategy, which was published by the Ministry of Economy, around two-thirds of this sum can already be found in the budget of ministries and the money only needs to be redirected towards the objectives of Competitive Romania.

„For the rest of around EUR 6 billion, it should be mentioned that between 2016-2020 the GDP will grow by around EUR 40 billion (in a realistic-conservatory estimate); as the consolidated budget represents around one-third of annual GDP, it results that in the respective period, the budget resources will grow by EUR 13 billion,” according to the strategy.


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