Romania’s Ice Hotel, fully booked before being built

hotel-de-gheataThe Ice Hotel at Balea Lake in Romania is already fully booked, even though its construction hasn’t even started yet, reports Digi24.

Although winter already arrived at Balea Lake, which is located at an altitude of 2,034m in the Fagaras Mountains, it’s not cold enough for the constructors to start cutting the ice blocks and kick off the hotel’s construction. Building the ice hotel requires temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius, or below. The work may start in about three weeks, says

The Ice Hotel in Romania attracts many foreign tourists every year, with the most loyal customers being the British citizens.

“This year, we chose Hollywood as the central theme, so the magic of Hollywood will climb to an altitude of 2,000 meters. We’ll have a Marilyn Monroe room, a Michael Jackson room, and other rooms such as Frozen Mordor, and Titanic by Ice. There will be 14 very interesting rooms,” said Lidia Badila, PR Ice Hotel.

After the winter holidays, the tourists will also have the chance to sleep in one of the two igloos to be built at Balea Lake.



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