Average download speed for fixed Internet keeps going up

internetThe fixed Internet users in Romania have experienced an average download speed of 97.7 Mbps in the third quarter of this year, the figure being 30% higher than the average speed registered in the first two quarters, of 75.07 Mbps, according to data from Romania’s telecom regulator ANCOM.

Meanwhile, the download speed for mobile Internet remained constant in the third quarter, at 27,98 Mbps, says Romania-Insider.com.

“There is also an increase in the real average upload speed, of about 14% for fixed Internet, from 64.77 Mbps to 73.78 Mbps, and of 3% for mobile services, from 10.78 Mbps to 11.1 Mbps,” reads the ANCOM statement.

UPC Romania offers the highest average download speed for fixed Internet, of 114.2 Mbps, followed by RCS & RDS with 111.64 Mbps, Nextgen Communications – 90 Mbps, Telekom Romania Communications – 54 Mbps, and Digital Cable Systems – 42.58 Mbps, according to ANCOM data.

Meanwhile, the highest average upload speed is offered by Nextgen Communications – 114.82 Mbps, followed by RCS & RDS – 92.55 Mbps, Digital Cable Systems – 50.99 Mbps, Telekom Romania Communications – 41.17 Mbps, and UPC Romania – 15.9 Mbps.

In terms of mobile Internet, Orange Romania offers the highest average download speed – 37.8 Mbps. Vodafone Romania comes next with 29.64 Mbps, followed by Telekom Romania Mobile Communications – 19.79 Mbps, and RCS & RDS – 11.29 Mbps.

However, Vodafone Romania offers the highest average upload speed (14.62 Mbps), followed by Orange Romania with 12.96 Mbps.


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