Private loans in Romania up by 1.2 pct to RON 216.8 billion in September

bnrThe loans given by the local banks to the individuals and companies grew by 1.2 percent in September this year and reached RON 216.8 billion, according to BNR data. The loan demand was maintained positive by the increasing loans in RON of 13.2 percent compared with 2015 up to RON 121.9 billion, says

On the other hand, the loans in foreign currencies continued to drop. At the end of September, the banks’ balance sheets of loans in foreign currencies was valued at RON 94.9 billion, a decrease of 11 percent compared with September 2015.

While the loans steadily increase, the deposits increase by two digits. The total deposits in RON and foreign exchanges reached RON 258.5 billion, a growth by 11.1 percent compared with the same month of 2015.



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