Sorana Cernea: ”IAS Expert is rebranded as TPA Transilvania”

tpa-sorana-cerneaThis autumn brings major changes for the Cluj-based company IAS Expert, as a result of its integration into TPA Group. Mrs. Sorana Cernea, the founding partner of IAS Expert, presents the brief history and the latest news about the company that she established 13 years ago.

Reporter: Which are the most important milestones of your company from founding until today?

Sorana Cernea: I founded the company in 2003 with the main objective to provide accounting services for our customers. As a consequence of our continuous growth, we have started to diversify the range of our services and now we are authorized to provide also tax advisory and auditing services.

Over the years, the number of our team members has increased constantly and now we have a high-performing team of 22 professionals.

The majority of our customers are foreign investors who come from German-speaking countries and who established businesses in Transylvania.

In order to maintain a sustainable development of our company and to increase its notoriety in Transylvania, we considered that the best way to achieve this target is to be part of TPA Group. Thus, starting September 2016, we have joined TPA and we have become TPA Transilvania.

Reporter: Can you give us more details about TPA Group?

Sorana Cernea: TPA Group is headquartered in Vienna and it is one of the leading accounting, tax consultancy, auditing and advisory services companies in Central and South Eastern Europe.

Starting September 2016, the TPA Group has become an independent member of Baker Tilly Europe Alliance and it is thus able to provide to its clients a worldwide network of tax advisors, auditors and business consultants.

TPA Romania is present on the Romanian market since 1998 and is offering its clients a complete range of financial services. The TPA Romania portfolio includes over 300 clients, both local and international companies working mainly in the fields of industrial production, renewable energy, real-estate, transport & logistics, constructions, ITC, forestry/agriculture and distribution.

Moreover, at every TPA location, there are “German & English Desks” through which the partners and employees advise the customers in German and/or in English.

Reporter: Which are your thoughts at the beginning of this new partnership?

Sorana Cernea: We strongly believe that the international experience and the comprehensive knowledge of the group’s consultants will be of great help in our endeavour to deliver the best solutions to our customers’ requests. Also, being member of this group will enable us to continue diversifying the range of our services, by adding new ones such as: transfer pricing, legal advisory, grants advisory etc.

Furthermore, we are very confident that this partnership will be for the benefit of our current and future customers, employees and company.

Read the article in German HERE.




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