Romania and Slovakia, EU leaders in the passenger plane transport growth

wizzOver 900 million passengers traveled by plane in the EU in 2015, which is 4.7 percent more than in 2014, and Romania and Slovakia are leaders among the EU members in passenger plane transport growth, with 15.3 percent, respectively 16.3 percent, according to Eurostat.

In absolute numbers, a quarter of the passengers traveling by plane in EU in 2015 were registered in UK (232 million), followed by Germany (194 million), Spain (175 million), France (141 million) and Italy (128 million). In comparison, in Romania 12.5 million passengers traveled by plane in 2015, says

The lowest growth rates in the in passengers traveling by plane were registered in Bulgaria (1.2 percent), Austria (1.4 percent) and Finland (1.8 percent).

The main EU airports in 2015 were Heathrow (London), with 75 million passengers who passed through this airports, with 2.2 percent more than in 2014, Charles de Gaulle (Paris), with 65.7 million passengers and the Frankfurt/Main airport (Germany), with 60.9 million.


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