German group Eberspaecher opens exhaust technology factory in Western Romania

germani-oradeaGerman Eberspaecher Group opened its new exhaust technology factory in Oradea, in Western Romania, on Thursday, October 6, says

This is the group’s first investment in Romania. The factory will produce catalytic converters and exhaust silencers for European automobile manufacturers. Some 150 people will work in the new factory by the end of this year. For the medium-term up to 650 employees are planned at full capacity.

“Excellent logistic connections to main traffic routes to European customers, in addition to the well-trained local technicians and engineers were the decisive criterion for the location in Oradea,” the group’s representatives stated.

The plant was built on an 11-hectare land plot in the Eurobusiness I industrial park in Oradea in less than eight months. The facility has around 27,500 sqm, which includes both production and logistics areas as well as an office complex.

The German group hasn’t disclosed the value of this investment. According to local Digi24, the investment made in the factory so far has been EUR 16 million.


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