Over 275,000 people work in modern offices

birouOver 275,000 employees worked in Romania’s modern offices at the end of June, according to estimates by DTZ Echinox.

In Bucharest over 12,000 people moved to new offices in the first half of this year. The capital had almost 217,000 employees after the first six months of the year, says

The highest increases were recorded in the Pipera Sud area, where over 41,000 people are working in new office buildings, as well as the Barbu Vacarescu-Floreasca area, which has over 36,000 employees. In the western area of Bucharest, the number of corporate employees exceeded 30,000.

The number of people working in new office buildings in Romania’s other big cities totaled 58,500. Some 40% of them worked in Cluj-Napoca, 28% in Iasi, 20% in Timisoara, and 12% in Brasov.

Cluj-Napoca continues to be the largest office market outside of Bucharest, with a modern office stock of 240,000 at the end of the first half. Almost 23,000 people work there.




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