Romanian diaspora initiative aims to create global IT network

itA group of Paris-based Romanian IT specialists has announced plans to create a global network of IT centersdesigned to support Romanians everywhere who areworking in the tech industry. This could turn Romania intothe first country to benefit from such a network, a statement by the Global Community of Romanians in Tech announced, according to

“The notoriety and professionalism and even the influence of Romanian IT specialists working for international companies in the United States, the UK and France, and after many years wecontributed to building the financial empires of foreigners, we thought it was time to use this potential to promote the Romanian IT sector. The core is already formed, we are a strong team in Paris, but we will also open other centers in cities with a big number of Romanian IT specialists, such as: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Tg. Mures, Timisoara, London, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, etc.,” Valentin Maior, one of the coordinators of the Global Community of Romanians in Tech, said.

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