Romania’s annual inflation rate went up to -0.3 pct in July annual inflation rate was 0.2 percent in July 2016 in Euro zone, a slight increase after in June the consume prices registered an annual increase of 0.1 percent, shows the data published by the European Statistics Agency (Eurostat), quoted by

According to Eurostat, Romania’s annual inflation rate zone went up to -0.3 pct in July from -0.7 percent in June and -3 percent in May.

Even if it’s second the consecutive month in which Euro zone registered a positive inflation, after four months of zero inflation or slightly negative, the prices increases in Euro zone stays under the 2 percent target of the European Central Bank.

In the case of European Union, the annual inflation rate registered a similar increase as the one from Euro zone, from 0.1 percent in June up to 0.2 percent in July. The lowest annual interest rate were registered in Bulgaria and Croatia (both falling by 1.1 percent) and Slovakia (minus 0.9 percent), while the highest price increases were in Belgium (2 percent), Sweden (1.1 percent) and Malta (0.9 percent).

The largest growth pressure to euro area annual inflation came from restaurants & cafés (+0.11 percentage points), vegetables (+0.09 pp) and fruit (+0.08 pp), while fuels for transport (-0.46pp), heating oil (-0.15pp) and gas (-0.12 pp) had the biggest downward impacts.
The National Bank of Romania estimates an inflation of -0.4 percent until the end of this year, with one percentage point under its estimation from this May.



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