Cluj court suspends building permission for Eldorado Gold’s Certej mining site

certejThe Cluj Court ruled in favor of the request by the Mining Watch Romania network to suspend the legal effects of the building permission for the mining site at Certej, relating to the mine’s tailing ponds, according to

The building permission was issued in February 2015 by the Certeju de Sus municipality. This was the second attempt byDeva Gold to initiate the bulding works on the mining site. In 2014, the Certeju de Sus City Hall has issued to the companythe first building permit, for the entire mining project. Thatbuilding permit, which turned out to have been issued illegally,was challenged by the Hunedoara County Prefect, and was suspended in court. The building permit relating to the mine’s tailing ponds was issued one month after the previous one.

The Certej mining project is proposed by Eldorado Gold (ELD), a Canadian gold mining company that intends to open the firstsurface mine and to mine using cianide. The deposit is owned by Deva Gold SA, a joint venture between Eldorado Gold, (80 percent) and state company Mininvest Deva (20 percent). The project involves the placing of tailing ponds, featuring rockfill dams that stand as tall as 169 meters and, respectively, 70 meters that are projected to be placed nearby Hondol, Bocsa Mica and Certej villages.

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