Skeleton Couple Holding Hands for 5,000 Years Discovered in Secret Grave in Siberia

skeletonArchaeologists excavating a Bronze Age burial site in Siberia have discovered the skeletons of a couple holding hands. According to the scientists, the skeletons have been clasping hands for as long as 5,000 years, says

The Siberian Times reported July 13 that archaeologists working at what is believed to be a Bronze Age Glazkov culture site unearthed the couple, and the skeletons were holding hands in an eternal gesture of affection. It is speculated that the male was elderly, and the female was likely his wife or concubine. The skeletons were covered in adornments and situated with accompanying accessories that were likely part of the burial process and/or were important in their beliefs about the afterlife.

“In the grave we found male and female skeletons, lying on their backs, heads to the west, hand in hand,” said archeologist Dr. Dmitry Kichigin of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University. The exact burial site location — which is situated on a cape on Maloe More, the strait that separates the Siberian mainland and Olkhon Island — is being kept relatively secret from the public, in an effort to thwart amateur archaeologists and unscrupulous grave robbers.

Back in 2013, the Daily Mail reported on a “Romanian Romeo and Juliet” pair of skeletons unearthed in an inner courtyard of a former Dominican monastery in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The skeletal bones belonged to a young couple, according to researchers from Cluj-Napoca Institute of Archaeology and History of Art. Adrian Rusu, the lead researcher, said the skeletons had been holding hands since sometime between 1450 and 1550 (450-550 years).

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