Deva Citadel, for an unique Mures Valley view

devaFor an unique view of the Mures Valley, head to the Deva Citadel: it is also one of the most important fortresses in Transylvania, says

Ruled by princes and duchesses, the citadel in central Romania has a rich history. The first evidence of the medieval fortress dates back to the second half of the 13th century. But the signs of habitation are much older. Some discoveries date back to the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

Located on top of a volcanic hill with an altitude of 378 meters, the citadel offers a unique view. Through this strategic position, the fortress guarded for centuries the exit and entry to Transylvania from the Mures Valley.

Deva Citadel officially reopened to visitors in April this year, after three years of rehabilitation work. The project required an investment of some RON 39 million (EUR 8.7 million), EU money. Thousands of visitors went to see the citadel on the opening day, and were welcomed by knights, princesses, and soldiers dressed in medieval costumes.

The citadel is located in Deva, Hunedoara county, more than 400 km from Bucharest, 120 km from Sibiu, and less than 20 km from Hunedoara. Tourists can reach the citadel by foot from Deva’s park, or by cable car. Deva Citadel is open daily and a complete tour takes about two hours.


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