One percent of Romania’s total exports went to China in 2015

chinaOne percent of Romania’s total exports and 4.6 of the country’s shares of total imports in 2015 were registered with China, according to a new dataset posted by Eurostat.

Romania’s total value of the export shares with China in the previous year reaches EUR 525 million, while the share of total imports from China were equivalent of EUR 2,887 million, marking a deficit of -2,362, according to

China was the top European Union partner for imports and the second largest EU partner for exports in 2015.A fifth of EU’s total imports (20.3 percent) came from China, which marks a 2.4 percent raise compared to 2014, while 9.5 percent of all EU exports were conducted with China. Both exports and imports between the EU and China were dominated by the machinery and vehicles trade.


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