The Romanian Royal Family’s Efforts to Support the Economy

The year 2016 marks the 150-year anniversary of the Romanian royalty. The Royal House of Romania has played a considerable role during this time in the modernization and the democratization of Romania. The members of the Royal Family continue to fulfill this role by promoting the economic interests of the country.

More than 60 economic entities have received the label of  being  official  suppliers certified   by  the    Royal Family.     The royalty   of Romania are highly engaged  in  the  promotion  of Romanian  wines  in,  for example,    Sweden,    and of  Romanian  wheat  and grains in the Middle East. These are true examples  of a sort of diplomacy by trade and are supported by Romanian  business  clubs under   the   patronage   of the Royal Family, and they are happening more and more often.  The  number  of  members  and  participants  is  steadily growing as word of the success of their  ventures  spreads.  Investors

are coming from all over the world because of the backing of the Royal Family.  Great  Britain,  Belgium,  Norway, Japan,  Spain,  Canada,  Australia,  New  Zealand,  Denmark  and  Sweden  count  amongst   the  major  nations  contributing  to  this  economic development.

The Royal Family has reiterated its commitment to encouraging economic growth. On the 23rd March, 2015, Prince Radu of Romania stated, “I would like you to know that the Royal Family does not spend each day offering patronages. This family has never hesitated to work. His Majesty himself is ready to roll up his sleeves and fix a car. It has already happened in Versoix back in the 80’s. There was a couple of Romanians who had their car fixed by His Majesty. Of course, each member of the family will contribute to the prosperity and the durability of the Romanian people.”

Prince Radu underlined that the engagement of the Royal Family in the Romanian society represents a continuation of a noble tradition of duty. “I would like to tell you about how in 1926, when Queen Mary visited the United States and 400,000 people where in the streets to greet her, she was 70 or 80 years ahead of her time in encouraging the American entrepreneurs to come in her country! ‘Come and invest in Romania!‘ ”, said Prince Radu.

In the same way, the Royal Family of Great Britain has tried for nearly a century to buttress the economic activity of its country via collaborations with both public and private companies, and so the Prince of Romania had to say, “If a nation like England needs even today that its economic interests will be vigorously supported by its Royal Family, then all the better for Romania that hers does the same!”, said Prince Radu.

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