Porsche Chooses Romania for Software Development

porscheIt’s no secret that the next generation of the Porsche Cayenne mid-size SUV and Panamera four-door luxury sedan will be the first models in the automaker’s history with touch controls instead of physical buttons. This is just the shape of things to come for Porsche, a company which is notorious for its love of buttons, according to autoevolution.com.

Because of this and the fact that digitalization is paramount in the car-making industry, Porsche decided to boosts its digitalization efforts by founding a software development facility in Eastern Europe. The site located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Porsche Engineering Group.

According to the German automaker, Romania and the university town of Cluj-Napoca are some of “the most innovative regions in Europe when it comes to software development.” The fact that IT companies and startups are blooming there convinced Porsche to choose Cluj-Napoca instead of other IT-savvy locations.

To push the digitalization of Porsche cars forward, the company needs “first-class software engineers such as those we can find in Cluj.” In related news, the Stuttgart-based company has announced that it will pay a voluntary bonus of €8,911 to 15,600 employees for their achievements during the financial year of 2015.

Read more: http://www.autoevolution.com/news/porsche-chooses-romania-for-software-development-awards-employees-8911-bonus-105607.html#ixzz439fJLC9b



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