Companies in Cluj and Austrian Embassy launch START educational program

sudorAustrian companies operating in Cluj and the commercial office of Austrian Embassy in Bucharest announced the start of an educational program START set for September 2016, according to

The program aims at forming the technical young students at Aurel Vlaicu Highschool in welder professional skills, due to the high demand expressed by companies such as Sieta Polytechnik, Deltamed-Dlouhy, GEP, Framag. The Technical Austrian School Transilvania will form a 3-years professional dual class within Aurel Vlaicu Highschool in Cluj-Napoca and offers the 8th grade students the possibility to train and become professionals in welder job. Also, the students will benefit from a 400 lei scholarship according to their results and the transport costs to the school will be funded by the school. After graduation, the students will receive an international certification for this job.

The students can submit to the program in three stages, with first stage between 13-17 and 21-24 of June, the second stage between 16-17 and 22-23 August and the third stage between 1- 2 September 2016.

The project is supported by the commercial office of Austrian Embassy, the School Inspectorate in Cluj-Napoca, The city prefecture of Cluj, ASR – The Romanian Welder Association, CNDIPT, The Ministry of Education in Romania and companies Sudometal, CM Metal and Transisud.




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