French, the Language of Business and Economy

French-languageRomanian language owes so much to the French language. In the 19th century, the Romanian language has gone through a kind of process of purification. The Turkish words, the Phanariote and the Slavic ones have stopped being used in the current speech and their place was taken by the Latin and French words. The process of emancipation of the Romanian language was simultane- ous with the political emancipation of Romania.

The country had given up to its contacts with the Otoman Imperium and started the process of integration into the western civilization. It is proved from a historical point of view that the process of refreshment of a language happens much more easier when it is influenced by a related language, like it is the case of the Romanian and French language. The Latin language – the “mother” of all the Latin languages – had provided to the Romanian language an important block of words, and all the other words that the Romanian language needed in order to express its level of civilization were taken from the French language. The French influence upon Romania was a huge one and it did not stop at the edge of the linguistics.

The legislation, the military organization, the education, the clothing and the art in Romania were shaped in a French “mold”. That’s why the France was and continues to be regarded as the bigger sister of Romania while the French language was and continues to be seen as a language of culture. Though, the deep transformations that occured after the fall of communism added to the French language a new quality: nowadays, more than ever in the history of Romania, the French language is considered as a language of business. The big French investments are a proof in this respect.

The most popular car from Romania is produced in a French-Romanian factory. Its tires are produced as well by a French-Romanian company. One of the most important banks from Romania is part of a French group and so it is one the biggest and most important retail chains.

The French-Romanian economic cooperation is an example of best practice and the knowledge of French has become an important asset for any entrepreneur in Romania. This phenomenon continues to deepen from one year to another, and that’s why we call you to join us on this path that takes to the prosperity trough culture and civilization.

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