Cosmetic Plant’s annual turnover rises 20% in 2015

Susana Laszlo, Director General Cosmetic Plant (1)

Cosmetic Plant, one of the leading local producers in cosmetics, reported a rise of around 20% in its business in 2015 and this year counts on a further rise of at least 10%. The company also had record export sales, rising 170% compared to last year.

Cosmetic Plant had an annual turnover of 2 million Euros (8,9 million lei), rising approximately 20% compared with 1,66 million Euros the year before, while de gross profit margin reached 400.000 Euros (1, 8 million lei) last year.

“The positive evolution of our business was based on a series of factors like the expanding of our distribution network, placing our products in new store networks and adding four more product lines – Honey, Lift Up, BIO Marigold and Anti Cellulite. In addition, last year we gave facelifts to the packaging of 18 products”, said Susana Laszlo, General Manager Cosmetic Plant.

Exports higher by 170% in 2015

According to company representatives, last year Cosmetic Plant registered a 170% rise in export sales.

“Expanding the number of our partners on the markets we are present in, but also the launch of exports in new countries had an important impact in obtaining this advance. Moreover, we are glad to see that last year we have strengthened our position on the Hungarian market, a that is also the main export market for Cosmetic Plant”, said Susana Laszlo.

After Hungary, the next markets where Cosmetic Plant’s products are well received and top destinations for export are the Republic of Moldova and Jordan.

Top sold products

The top sold Cosmetic Plant products on the local market are the ones in the sea buckthorn line, because this is a traditional line, with good prices. The Bioliv product line, which includes the anti wrinkle day cream Bioliv Antiaging, winner of the grand prizes from World Quality Selections, the most important international contest for product quality in the world, organized by Monde Selection, ranked second place in the most sold product line on the local market. The top is completed by the Argan and the Marigold product lines.

BIOLIV leads the international ranking on the products on most demand, with the whitening cream with lemon extract and the Green Stem products line.

Rising business in 2016

Regarding the company business this year, Cosmetic Plant also counts on an advanse in business of at least 10%, to 2,2 million Euros (approximately 10 million lei).

“The expansion of the distribution network, and the launch of new products will certainly have a positive impact on the company business this year”, said Susana Laszlo.

She also added that, in the near future, the company will lunch three new creams that will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cosmetic Plant and, with the warm season coming, a special beach product line will be developed.



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