National Day of Germany celebrated in the heart of Transylvania

Preparations are well on their way for the Autumn Festival of the German Economy – Herbstfest der Deutschen Wirtschaft – which takes place during the first October weekend, on 2-4 October in Cluj-Napoca’s Main Square/Piaţa Unirii.
Visitors will have the chance to find out more about the German culture, traditions and economy, which will be celebrated by all on 3 October, the National Day of Germany.
The event is organised by the German Business Club of Northern Transylvania (DWNT), and features a diverse program, stretching from conferences, workshops, exhibitions and happenings to German car test-drives, fashion shows and a dog training demonstration.
The ocal business community is invited to attend networking sessions, and the young seeking employment opportunities are offered the chance to meet recruitment representatives of German companies.
The event will be attended by HRH Prince Radu of Romania.
As a further highlight, painter Nicolae Maniu will be awarded the title of Ambassador of Romanian Culture in Germany during a special ceremony.
Herbstfest closes at the National Opera House with the premiere of „Werther”, also broadcasted live in the Piaţa Unirii Square.

national day of germany




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